Pick one that suits you best.

Is your business ZOOMING 😉 - everything turning up roses?  Are you on top of Google searches for all of your best keywords and for all of your service area cities - smashing your competitors 💣💥 into oblivion?!!

Awesome - I'm happy for you, but that means you're probably wasting your time on this page.

Great!  You've done your homework... Now go on about your business - "Take Care - Bye!"

But if you're that other business owner... 😳

The one with an under-performing and poorly maintained website... (c'mon - be honest)

Your site is costing you money every single freakin' day because it doesn't rank high in Google searches.

Your competitors and rivals love you 💛 because they're taking leads and cash that should be yours...

You've never really invested in your website performance - so it's not paying you back...

Your leads are slowing down and your phone is barely ringing these days...

You feel like you've tried everything 🤔

You've been screwed over or flat out lied to by other marketing agencies that promised you the world...

It bothers you in your sleep at night and it's got you worrying more than you need to...

If so?  ...Then, please keep reading because I made this page just for you! 🤟💛

...But I'm not going to make this page too long.

You either want to BUILD your business or you want to keep BEGGING for leads and sales.

That's entirely up to you.

I get it - I know, I've been there 😭 😣 exactly where you are...  Watching and waiting for the phone to ring - knowing that "I'm good at what I do if I could just get a client to show my skills to."  And that's when I learned to "start building" and "stop begging."

Yeah, that part sucks a lot and I hated it!  I took my health down to a frazzle, down to dangerous levels, I had night sweats, lymph nodes swollen everywhere - nightmares and years of frustration trying to learn what I know today.  I feel you... 😪

Since then, I've built 100s of websites, I've made multiple millions 💲💲💲 in online sales, and I've helped more than a few hard-working business owners (like you) do the same! 😉

No one was there to teach me back in 1998.  I started from scratch, I learned 98% of what I know all on my own, and it would take you and your "website - SEO - or marketing" people years to try and duplicate my Google ranking skills.

But I'm thinking you don't have "years to waste" trying to learn HIDDEN SECRETS that help you beat your competitors on Google and dominate your local market...

I also think that you're tired of hiring the WRONG people or agencies and that you don't have money to simply throw in a burning 🔥 dumpster!

And trust me - if you're not ranking high for multiple keywords all across your service areas - (1) it's starving your business of leads; and (2) your competitors are taking leads and COLD HARD 💲💲💲 that should be yours!

I'm thinking you have better things to do 🍺 ⚾ ⛱ in your free time (family, friends, vacations, sleeping well at night) and you'd rather just know that you have the right person taking care of that boring crap 💩 for you.

Let's hurry and wrap this up - we both have things to do today...

Who the hell am I - why should you TRUST ME to turn your website into a total beast that knocks the socks off of your competitors and makes you wonder why the hell you didn't meet me years ago?!! 🤔

Hi - I'm Mike - the laid back dude that already knows exactly why your business is SLUGGISH and I'm hoping that you'll reach out to me so I can help you fix that problem before it costs you even MORE MONEY than it has already!!

I'm a 22-year military veteran (Marines, Air Force, and Army - yep, all 3 branches) - I've slept in ditches, patrolled in jungles 10,000 miles away, I've flown world-class multi-million dollar attack helicopters (Yeah, sweet job - right? 😎)

I've done this silly-ass internet stuff before, this isn't my first rodeo, I was making $500,000+ a year out of my living room while I was a test pilot in the Army. - Back when most of the world wasn't even using the internet, yet!

I know how to hustle, I work hard for my clients and there's a lot of integrity in the work I'll do for you!

I treat your biz as if it were my own.  It's your baby and we need that little brat 👶 to grow-up and to start acting right - quickly!

I've been successful online since 1998 - which is a lot longer than those snot-nosed so-called "marketers" coming out of college in 2019 trying to sell you $15,000 websites that do nothing but sit (and collect spider webs) on Page 4 of Google search results!

So - How do I know I can help your business grow - without a freakin' doubt?!!
Read on - we're almost done...

I want to show you what I've done for struggling or stressed out business owners like you and then I'll give you a chance to contact me - to reach out to me - to shoot the sh!t with me - or you can say "The hell with you - Mike!!" and hit the highway...

But remember, if you're struggling to get leads and sales, I made this page just for you! 🤟💛

Carpet Cleaning client:  Had been in business 18 years and never broke $50K a month.  With me, he climbed up to $90K and then $160K a month in just 17 months.  Now he's closer to  - $180K monthly.

6-Location Upscale Restaurant:  More than tripled their online traffic and tripled their Gift Card sales in the first 3 years they were with me.  Going on 8 years with them now.

Roofer:  He had  5-Year Plan for Expansion in his company.  I helped him meet every one of those goals in the first 10 months of working with me.
Criminal Defense Lawyer and State Congressman: Had no website - no traffic - nothing.  He's been with me for 3.5 years and I have not heard from him in 2 full years - he has multiple high quality legal case leads coming in daily.
Septic Company:  Guy had the truck, the crew, but no calls or leads.  Grew him to $700K quickly, he bought a second truck for $150K, and bought out a smaller competing company for $237K.
Pool Plastering Company:  Been with me for 8 years now, helping them squash their competitors in a large Metro area of 2.5 million people.
And the list goes on... I don't fail!

"Our clients are growing and hiring...  Are you?"

Okay - this is it - I'm about to shut my mouth and let you think all on your own...

I thank you for reading this far - you should get a medal 🏅 for bravery - or at least a damn cookie 🍪.

It tells me a lot about you because this is some heavy and serious 💩 we're talking about.

I'll ask again - Are you ready to BUILD - or do you want to try and take short-cuts, put a Band-Aid on a gaping wound, and try to save a buck or two while you continue to BEG for online traffic?

Take Action - Invest in You:

Join forces!  Jump on a quick call and let's discuss your business problems that are holding you back.  Let's find an affordable and effective way to solve them.  I look forward to speaking with you - click below.

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Fix the Issue on your own:

Keep putting a Band-Aid on the problem.  Continue to watch competitors take leads and sales that should be yours and be stuck in the same place next year as you are right now. - Take care - we'll be here if you need us.

Keep Struggling

"Winning companies Build - others Beg."

"Rock solid communication and service. I had numerous search engine rank increases across many keywords in less than 60 days. Build or Beg SEO taught me about in-depth SEO tactics and principles that I had never heard of before. True professionals."

- James D., Google review

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